the actor

starring in multiple roles

It is not so much what you CREATE that defines you as an artist, but HOW you go about conducting your life and how you REACT to your environment. We are all artists in some form or another ... all trying to master ourselves.

Building from a solid foundation in traditional artistic disciplines, my artworks also comprise of (interactive) installations, projections, net.art, sound Art, video, and games. Central to my conceptual Art are controversial social and political commentaries concerning the anti-education Western educational system, the stuck-up leisure class, and the absurd and unnatural postmodern media and consumer society. With a particular implementation of anarchist principles, anti-snobbery, humour, and parody, I therapeutically ridicule contemporary Western society and its cultural products.

Generally, artists are expected to pursue one line of enquiry in one style using only one medium, but my Art is rebellious in that it explores a multitude of themes in a variety of different styles using a plethora of disparate media. In this respect, besides from the fact that I get bored easily, the work is part of a broader aim which encompasses every field I engage in of promoting a kind of polymathy hitherto only seen during the Ancient Greek and Renaissance periods and The Islamic Golden Age. As I have no desire to become a famous artist, exploring my own interests seems to be the most sensible work methodology and I base my success on how much I fulfil my creative desires.