conceptual art

The body of Conceptual artworks generally function as an interrogation and retalliation to the way in which Western society goes about doing things in the 21st century, as well as in how I place myself within this context. I make controversial arguments about certain societal infrastructures, such as the educational system and the mass media, in the ambitious hope that doing so will bring about change in what I see as phenomena which counteract the very core of what I believe make us individual and human. In My University Course (2002-2006), for instance, I have created a timeless polemic concerning grades, motivation, status / prestige and the way in which the media shapes people and their environment, all of which is done in such a way as to glamourise what I did during my course. I use such techniques to not only make us question how we choose to conduct our lives in the modern era but also to bring about mass societal shifts in our very thinking and practice.

By employing my knowledge of postmodern theory, sociology, and the philosophy of education, I use humour and parody to ridicule contemporary Western society and its cultural products. This is a therapeutic process by which the artworks that are produced provide an antidote to a hyperreal media and consumer society both for myself and for those that engage in them.

With a particular implementation of anarchist principles, anti-snobbery, humour, and parody, my Conceptual Art makes social and political commentaries about Art itself, as well as about the anti-education Western educational system, the stuck-up leisure class, and the unnatural and absurd postmodern media and consumer society. I feel that Conceptual Art is a viable artistic endeavour as traditional values in Art have changed and it's positive to encourage the audience to engage in the work intellectually.