the athlete

a multitude of sports & exercise regimes

At their best, sports consume your whole consciousness. When you're 'in the zone', you don't THINK - you just DO.

Throughout my life I have been involved in many sports and physical exercise regimes. At school, I played for the team in rugby, hockey, cricket and tennis (as number one). I took tennis and table-tennis to a high standard, playing for my county in both sports and in the nationals in tennis. I have also become proficient at other sports such as pool, football, basketball, swimming, cycling and bowling. Through the years, I have engaged in yoga, tai chi and weight-training/calisthenics. For me, sports are a fantastic way of keeping yourself fit, as you enjoy yourself at the same time. Becoming proficient at sports gives you confidence. I have won numerous trophies in tennis, table tennis and cricket.

In time, this section of the site will show videos and images of my sporting abilities and my exercise regimes. There are currently 15 disciplines on the page, but I wish to build up skills in an even greater variety. I hope to run the London marathon, and I plan on getting into martial Arts and even water-skiing seriously, so keep checking back for updates.



Schools Championships: winner
Poole Championships: winner
Dorset Doubles: winners
Quay House: runner-up
Dorset Singles: runner-up
Dorset Singles: winner
Volkswagen Section: winner
Matchpoint Doubles: winners
Natwest Knockout: runner-up
Alverstoke Ratings: winner
Dorset Junior Closed: winner
Dorset Junior Closed: winner
Midland Bank League: winner

Table Tennis

Hampshire TTA Wilshere Cup: winner
Bournemouth TTA: winner
Dorset TTA Mixed Doubles: winners
BTTA Division 2: runner-up
BTTA Division 4 Ind: runner-up
Bournemouth TTA: runner-up
Dorset TTA: winner
FSRC: runner-up
Bournemouth TTA: winner


County Cricket: winners